The Woman King Showtimes: Unraveling the Cinematic Experience of Empowering Woman

Explore the latest showtimes for “The Woman King,” a captivating movie that takes you on a thrilling journey of courage, power, and resilience. Immerse yourself in the world of warriors and monarchs as we guide you through the showtimes and everything you need to know about this extraordinary film.


Welcome to the captivating world of “The Woman King,” where the realms of courage, power, and resilience intersect. In this long-form article, we take you on a thrilling journey through the showtimes of this extraordinary cinematic masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the epic tale of warriors and monarchs, as we explore the heart of this riveting film.

“The Woman King” is a highly anticipated historical drama that promises an unforgettable cinematic experience. Below, we present the showtimes for this epic film to help you plan your next visit to the theaters.

Showtimes Schedule

Cinemax CinemasJuly 22, 20232:00 PM
5:00 PM
8:00 PM
Empire TheatresJuly 22, 20231:30 PM
4:30 PM
7:30 PM
Royal CinemaJuly 22, 20233:15 PM
6:15 PM
9:15 PM

Please note that showtimes are subject to change, and it is advisable to check with the theaters before making any plans.

A Glimpse into: 

Before you dive into the movie, let’s take a sneak peek into the captivating world of “The Woman King.” Set in the 18th century, the film portrays the powerful story of a female warrior, Nanisca, and her daughter, Nawi, who rise against the French colonialists and slave traders.

Experience the Essence of Courage

“The Woman King” delves into the unyielding courage of Nanisca, played by a brilliant Academy Award-winning actress. Witness her transformation from a fearless warrior to a commanding monarch who fights fiercely for her people’s freedom.

The Unfolding of Power and Resilience

In a world dominated by men, Nawi’s character exemplifies resilience as she joins her mother in the battle for justice. Amidst chaos and adversity, Nawi’s strength becomes a beacon of hope for the oppressed, making the film an empowering tale.

Showtimes: Behind the Scenes

Get a glimpse of the creative minds and talents that brought “The Woman King” to life. Dive into the details of the production process, direction, and the incredible performances that make this film a cinematic gem.

Meet the Cast and Crew

Discover the brilliant ensemble of actors who portray the characters with sheer brilliance. The movie boasts a stellar cast that brings depth and authenticity to the riveting storyline. Furthermore, the article shines a spotlight on the visionary director who skillfully brings the historical narrative to the big screen.

Crafting the World of “The Woman King”

Unveil the mesmerizing cinematography and set design that transport the audience to the 18th-century world. Learn about the meticulous attention to historical accuracy and the breathtaking landscapes that elevate the movie’s visual experience.

The Score: A Symphony of Emotions

Explore the captivating music score that captures the essence of every emotion in “The Woman King.” Discover how the evocative soundtrack complements the storytelling, adding depth and resonance to pivotal scenes.

Showtimes: Critical Acclaim

“The Woman King” has already garnered immense critical acclaim for its powerful narrative and stellar performances. Here are some accolades and reviews that shed light on the film’s impact.

Celebrated by Critics

“The Woman King” has received rave reviews from top critics, who have praised its compelling storytelling, powerful performances, and exceptional direction. The film has earned a coveted spot in the list of must-watch movies of the year.

Audience Reactions

Find out what the audience has to say about this cinematic masterpiece. Witness the outpour of admiration and appreciation for the movie’s portrayal of strength, unity, and the indomitable spirit of its characters.

Frequently Asked Questions about “The Woman King”

1. What is the central theme of “The Woman King”?

“The Woman King” revolves around the themes of courage, power, and resilience. It portrays the extraordinary journey of a mother and daughter who fight against oppression and injustice.

2. Who are the lead actresses in the film?

The film stars two exceptional actresses: one Academy Award-winning actress portrays Nanisca, the female warrior, while another brilliant talent plays her daughter, Nawi.

3. Is This based on true events?

Yes, “The Woman King” draws inspiration from historical events and real-life figures who resisted French colonialists and slave traders during the 18th century.

4. Can I watch “The Woman King” with my family?

The film is rated PG-13, making it suitable for teenagers and adults. However, parental guidance is advised for younger audiences due to intense scenes.

5. How long is the duration of “The Woman King“?

The movie has a runtime of approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes, allowing audiences to immerse themselves fully in the captivating narrative.

6. What sets “The Woman King” apart from other historical dramas?

“The Woman King” stands out due to its strong female leads, its portrayal of unity and resistance, and its captivating depiction of an often-overlooked period in history.


“The Woman King” offers an immersive cinematic experience that will leave you in awe of its powerful storytelling and extraordinary performances. From the gripping showtimes to the behind-the-scenes magic, this film has it all. Dive into the world of courage, power, and resilience as you witness the inspiring journey of Nanisca and Nawi. Don’t miss this extraordinary cinematic journey!